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David Korn '19

What was the most memorable part of this past year?“My Head of School speech.” – Jackson Abele ’18

“One memorable thing from this year was during Thirds Soccer when I scored the game-winning goal against Marianapolis, but then they said in the [student directed] documentary [about the team] that I missed, and that completely ruined the moment for me.”  – Adam Bradford ’19

“Senior Coffeehouse.” – Connor Dayton ’20

“My concussion and lack of memory for two months.”  – Elliot White ’19

“The most memorable moment of this year at CA was when on the Junior leadership retreat all the junior girls were crowded in one room and we were singing and telling stories.” – Matti Horne ’18 and Caitlin Timmons ’18

“After Trump got elected and everybody was in mourning, Elise gave out donuts and made us all feel better about ourselves and the state of the country.” – Abby Nicholson ’19

“I got a C- on my Accel Physics exam.” – Anonymous

“Walking into CA labs for the first time because I feel inspired every time I come to learn here” -Lysie Jones

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David Korn '19, Staff Writer

David Korn is a Senior from Newton. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and cheering on the Red Sox and Patriots.

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