Ultimate Frisbee

CA’s Ultimate Frisbee team ended this season with an incredible record, remaining undefeated for a second season in a row. First introduced in 1968, ultimate was first played by two groups of students in the parking lot of Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey. This sport has a deep history outside Concord Academy, but many of the game’s practices connect deeply to the principles of CA’s community. In ultimate, both team members and the referee play with the “spirit of the game,” which is similar to CA’s value of common trust. The nature of ultimate frisbee is both competitive and friendly, giving players no incentive to cheat.

Many of students who played on CA’s team this spring found this to be the most rewarding part about being on the team. After joining ultimate this year, Laird Donohue ’19 remarked, “Everyone had a good time while taking the sport seriously. It was a mixture of fun and effort.” Throughout the season, the students said they loved the sport and its chill atmosphere. Many of the schools they faced shared a similar sentiment, approaching games in a manner that was very spirited, but competitive.

The team’s victorious season was aided by guidance from Head Coach Kim Frederick and Assistant Coach Ben Stumpf ’88. They said that although it felt rewarding to win every game, they hope that next year they will play teams that will challenge them even if it means losing sometimes. The team appreciated how willing and committed their coaches were to help them grow. Frederick enjoyed observing the players’ “trajectory of mastery” of the sport. Carly Ransford ’18 commented, “I had no idea what I was doing [when I joined]. I actually didn’t know what the sport was, but then I got better thanks to the people and especially our coaches. Ultimate became one of the things I’m most grateful for doing at CA.”

The team also appreciated the fans who came to their home games. Maggie Doubman ’17 said, “Shout out to Mary Bliss ’17 for being our number one home fan.” The Ultimate Team’s passion and deft athleticism is obvious in every game which could not be missed by the CA community.