CA Girls Varsity Tennis Earns NEPSAC Runner Up

Marina He ’20

On May 20th and 21st, the CA’s Girls Varsity Tennis team competed in the NEPSAC (New England Preparatory School Athletic Council) tournament, where they were awarded runner-up in Class C for the first time in school history- a great way to officially end a successful season. Hung Trieu, the head coach of the Girls Tennis Team, commented “I couldn’t be prouder of our team. Both Coach Laura and I have seen so much improvement in all the players. Getting a runner-up trophy at NEPSAC isn’t an easy task.” Both Trieu and Assistant Coach Laura Kaye look forward to next season, when the girls tennis team hopes to earn a banner at the end of the season for CA.

The team was originally placed in the third seed with the Winsor School and St. Luke’s School, both ranked above them. Nonetheless, on Wednesday May 17th, CA girls tennis played a lengthy match against Winsor School, who was previously undefeated and was ranked second seed. First doubles partners Julia Herman ’19 and Jaime Lee ’19 defeated their opponents, winning their first two sets. Second doubles partners Audrey Vo ’20 and Lucy Frost ’19 obtained a quick win too, bringing CA two points above Winsor. Finally, Caitlin Timmons ’18, the third singles player, secured a victory for CA by winning her third-set tiebreaker after a long and close three-hour match. As a result, CA rose from third seed to second in NEPSACs, replacing Winsor, and receiving a bye for the early match on Saturday May 20th, qualifying for the semifinals.

The team traveled to Milton Academy Saturday afternoon to play against Newton Country Day School (NCDS), who had bested Winsor School earlier in the morning. CA had lost against NCDS in NEPSACs last year and was excited to challenge them again. Herman and Lee quickly defeated their opponents again. Soon, second doubles partners, Vo and Frost earned another victory for CA. Betsy Hillier ’18, who plays fourth singles, frustrated her opponent with her consistency, winning two sets consecutively. Her match brought CA 3-1 against Newton, meaning that CA needed one more win from any of the three other pairings to win the overall match. This time, Lily Gray ’20, first singles, won the final match, defeating her opponent in her third set (6-0) that granted victory for CA and a position in the NEPSAC finals for the first time.

The following day, CA girls varsity tennis drove to the Westminster School in Connecticut to play against St. Luke’s School in the finals, last year’s NEPSAC champions. The team said this was a difficult match, as St. Luke’s had numerous returning players who were incredibly experienced. Nevertheless, CA dove into the match with great confidence and with all players ready to contribute their best effort. Herman and Lee began the match strong, but the opponents, who were Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA) doubles champions and had won 16 matches consecutively, challenged them with powerful shots and ultimately defeated them. Nonetheless, Herman and Lee had an incredibly successful season as doubles partners and were awarded EIL Honors. With a loss from second singles Ella Griffiths ’20 and third doubles Eva Elton ’18 and Marina He ’20, St. Luke’s was winning 0-3 against CA. Vo and Frost, who like Herman and Lee had only lost one match the entire season, and Timmons, were playing incredibly well, holding the lead in their second sets. Unfortunately, Gray lost to her opponent, and thus the girls tennis team’s season ended with an overall record of 9-3 as well as a NEPSAC runner-up trophy.