Athlete Spotlight: Sam Welsh

Sam Welsh ’18 is a rising senior with a newly discovered passion, and talent, for discus. Welsh has been involved with athletics his whole life and throughout his whole CA career. His new passion has taken great heights this semester as he now holds both the top EIL and NEPSAC records in discus and the CA school record in 4×4 and shot-put. The Centipede had the chance to interview Welsh to ask him about his impressive season and what he plans to take on next.


How did you pick discus throwing?


“Actually Jwal [Jonathan Waldron], the coach, suggested I try to throw the discus, and once I stopped playing baseball I went down the field to try it and I really enjoyed it. Then, I just started practicing on my own.”


What sports have you played other than competing in discus throwing and sprinting?


“Well I started playing baseball when I was six years old and I eventually transferred to basketball which I played until sophomore year. Since sophomore year, I have been doing track and field.”


How have your skills transferred from other sports to Track and Field?


“I have been training specifically for discus and Track and Field since the beginning of last summer, so [for] about eight months. [Before I started training just for that,] I think definitely my baseball, basketball, and weight training contributed.”


How has your experience been with track?


“It has been awesome, I love the team. It was my first year competing and I have already gotten to know a lot of people on the team. I have loved the coaching staff, getting to know everyone. Track and field is unlike any other sport I have ever experienced, because it feels more like a family. Everyone is competing together opposed to against each other. You are able to focus on yourself a little more and do that with all your friends. It’s been awesome and I love it!”


Welsh said that his goals for next season are to “support my teammates as much as possible and to improve my sprinting times and my throwing distances. I also want to have a really fun and successful year.”