Bradford Construction Begins

Samantha Davidson '19

Construction on Bradford House began this fall, as part of the newest phase in the Concord Academy Centennial Plan to renovate boarding houses.  While Bradford is the first, Admadjaja, Wheeler and Phelps houses will also be undergoing construction throughout the rest of the school year and summer. Don Kingman, Director of Campus Planning and Construction, predicts renovations will be completed by August of 2018, “so in time for faculty to move around and also students to move in.”

Although each house listed above will receive an updated common room, Bradford –a boys boarding house with 18 beds and 2 faculty apartments– will undergo the most changes. Kingman said that the goal is to make the house as efficient, liveable, and comfortable as possible for students. “We’re not looking to increase the boarding population but to repurpose some of those rooms,” he said. This will involve redistributing the numbers of students in each house, including Bradford which will have 24 beds and 3 faculty houses.

In order to avoid disruption, the plan is to do the construction in two phases, adding an addition during the school year and working on the existing house over the summer. Stefano Amador ’19, a current boarding student living in Bradford, believes that construction to the house is very necessary. “Overall a lot about Bradford is uncomfortable, I’m very excited for the new house next year.” Although Stefano claimed “the construction hasn’t affected us too much since it usually happens when we are not in the house,” house faculty and English teach Ayres Stiles-Hal is in the center of the action. As a resident in Bradford for 17 years, he thinks it is important that the new Bradford combines the new aesthetic of CA labs and the older signature features of the boarding houses. He said that there is “beautiful old woodwork in Bradford and I think they’re gonna work to preserve that which is really important I think.”

The reason why they choose to renovate Bradford House the most, according to Kingman, is because it “gave us the best bang for our buck.” Kingman revealed his team is “also working on plans to try to improve Haines and Hobson, but that’s a little bit further down the road and hopefully, in the next couple of years, we will have impacted all the houses.”