Roving Reporter

“Henleys” -John Vernaglia ’18

“Velvet sweaters and puma sneakers” -Sophia Canizaro ’19 and Dorree Ndooki ’19

“Crutches” -Caitlin Timmons ’18

“Flannels and summer clothing. Climate change is real.” -Thomas Teunissen ’19

“Clogs” -Samantha Davidson ’19

“Sweatpants tucked into socks” -Andreas Byanama ’19

“A fun sock because it’s a way to inject a little bit of personality and pizzazz into your look.” -Mika Cookwright ’18, co-head of Dandy Dapper

“Pan mass challenge shirt” -Colin Regenaur ’19

“A takeout iced beverage”- Kim Fredrick, History Department