CA Common Rooms Undergo Renovation over the Summer

Eric Yoon ‘20

     Concord Academy is known for its fine arts and beautiful campus in the middle of the historic town of Concord, Massachusetts. Many historic events such as the American revolution took place in the town of Concord and many historic figures such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson resided in the town for many years. A great majority of those buildings have remained in tact for long enough until they became part of CA’s campus as student houses and faculty homes. However, over the centuries, many of these buildings have been worn down and outdated, requiring much renovation and rebuilding.

     Over the summer, CA took the initiative to begin renovations for the houses in which boarding students and faculty members live in.

     Starting with Bradford house, construction began to extend its size to hold more students and renovate its common room. Located next to the east gate of campus, Bradford house was previously the smallest house on campus, with only 13 students residing in it. Now, with construction finished, Bradford house holds more than 20 students from all grades and from all over the world.

     In addition to the larger number of rooms for students to reside in, there is a multitude of additional features to houses on campus. Common houses of Bradford house, Admadjaja house, and Wheeler house were renovated into completely new forms that shocked all students who returned from summer vacation at the start of the school year. These common rooms now included a capacious kitchen equipped with a stove and oven for cooking, as well as new fridges and microwaves that are open to student use. Next to the kitchen, the newly refurbished common rooms stand, with brand new televisions and furniture that are perfect for students’ free time and weekly house meetings for all residents in the house.

     Wheeler house was another house that shocked all members of the boarding community after renovations were finished when they found out that a room has been torn down to make room for the new common room. Up until last year, Wheeler house had an extra room that was next to the old common room, in which students lived in. However, as a room close to the shared space and due to the lack of privacy for the residents, this room was ultimately torn down so that its space could be used for the new kitchen. Needless to say, it seems that CA took this opportunity to allow better residential life for all students.

     Some houses are still under construction, such as Haines house, located next to the main gate of campus. Undergoing similar construction to that of Bradford house, Haines house will also have more members welcomed into the boarding community.

     Although the construction has been long and often an eyesore to the beautiful campus, students are glad that these renovations are bringing in numerous privileges and a better lifestyle as a boarder. Certainly, students are hoping for other changes in CA’s campus to bring more to their life and learning experience.