Inspire Program Encourages Science Research Opportunities

Samantha Davidson ’19

      This past summer, a handful of soon-to-be seniors explored a topic of their choice in the science field as part of the Inspire Program at Concord Academy. These rising seniors worked with college students and professors at local universities within ongoing experiments. At the end of the summer, students come up with a conclusion based on the results they obtained.

     Sam Banks ’19 interned at Tufts in their robot interaction lab. Banks says that he  “didn’t have much experience with this topic beforehand and wanted to explore computer science.” Upon asking him to reflect on his time there, he emphasized that this program provided him with “many opportunities to be independent and get better at studying and research on [his] own.”

     Asa Hamot ’19 also spent a few weeks of his summer at Tufts. Hamot “always thought that [he] would go into a STEM field, but never knew what they were actually like.” His time at Tufts allowed him to try something new that he was not actually interested in studying in the future.

     “I really found myself using all that I had learned in order to understand and apply science mechanics to applications in the real world.” said Ananya Pani ’19. Pani, the current Student Head of School, also spent her summer at Tufts. She learned to apply all that she had learned in her science classes to research work.” She worked in a biomedical engineering lab working towards curing genetic disorders, and explained that this time commitment “was one of the best things [she had] ever done.”

     Isabelle Charles ’19 interned at Boston University and loved “meeting a lot of people while working on a new subject that [she hadn’t] really done before.” When asked why she chose to participate, she explained how she “really wanted to have a good immersion experience in some type of internship in the STEM field to see what [she’d] like to do possibly in the future.”

     A common theme of these students who participated in Inspire is their inclination to explore the unknown and experiment with the independence senior year provides. Posters from each student’s research are posted in the first-floor hallway of CA Labs and share more details on their specific project. Feel free to ask these students any further questions about their research, the program, or their decision to apply.