Big Data Club at the “2018 Teradata Analytics Conference”

Charlotte Ko ’20

In mid-October, Big Data Club went to the 2018 Teradata Analytics Universe Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two student representatives at the conference, Lucas Ewing ’19 and Haley Wixom ’20 presented their study on gun violence in schools. Their presentation was completed with the help of other Big Data Club members such as Ken Lin ’18, August Pokorak ’19, and Quinn Meyerson ’20.

The Teradata Analytics Universe Conference is run by the Teradata University Network (TUN). TUN hosts many faculty workshops and student competitions while providing software and resources for analytics, big data (BI), data warehousing, and data science. This conference was run both by TUN and their sponsor, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which  selected 15 teams to compete in Las Vegas out of over 60 submissions.

CA’s team presented on gun violence in schools and focused on mental health access in relation to the number of school shooting victims. The conclusion that they drew was that generally, better mental health resources correlate with fewer firearm deaths. Their next steps also included educational opportunities for communities to learn about  gun violence and mental health in order to establish resources and support systems for both students and faculty. CA was a finalist in this conference; Finalists are awarded a TUN Student Scholarship, a TUN Faculty Scholarship, and all conference registration fees, meals, and gala events covered. In addition to being a finalist in this competition, CA students won the People’s Choice Award. Congratulations to Big Data Club for an impressive job at the 2018 Teradata Analytics Universe Conference!