Chandler Bowl Highlights

amantha Davidson ‘19

This year, Concord Academy secured the Chandler Bowl after hours of nail-biting games in soccer, field hockey, cross country, and volleyball. Despite initial losses by boys and girls varsity soccer and girls field hockey at the Moriarty Campus, each team played their best and pulled many enthusiastic fans to the sidelines. There were food and spirit galore for the fans and the athletes—french fry stands, luxurious almond popcorn, copious snacks, and green pom poms filled the out of bounds. A sea of green and a plethora of alums cheered on their classmates as the battle commenced. Many of the graduated varsity boys soccer members returned for the thrilling match to cheer on their younger former teammates.

Back on the main campus, boys and girls cross country both secured wins. Although the weather was expected to be cold, it ended up being a great day for our teams to beat Pingree. In the gym, students gathered to witness the highly anticipated varsity volleyball match. They held their ground for as long as possible and hyped up the crowd endlessly. Despite their loss, it seemed like a third of the Concord community showed up to watch and support the team.  

Overall it was a great day for Concord’s JV teams to shine in the spotlight. They pulled through and helped CA secure the cup. After boys JV and girls JV volleyball won their games, it all came down to the girls JV soccer game. Despite Pingree’s strong athletic reputation, girls JV soccer ended the game with a tie.

Many fans who attended the girls’ varsity volleyball game were initially disheartened by the close match and assumed CA could not keep the cup. When Sue Johnson, the athletic director, began announcing the results, Concord fans were already leaving the stands. Suddenly, she caught our attention by mentioning that girls soccer tied. She explained that a tie allows the school who won the bowl last year to keep it for another year. The fans rushed onto the court cheering, hugging, with smiles stretching from ear to ear. This year, the Chandler Bowl ended in cheers and excitement…Hopefully, CA will hold on to this winning streak this winter against Lexington Christian Academy.