Thoughts on the College Process

Samantha Davidson ’19, Photo Editor


Thoughts on the College Process

Samantha Davidson ’19


     Most colleges request that students submit their common applications by January 1st, meaning that the pressure is on for seniors to be organized and ready to present themselves in a flattering way. The first semester of senior year, also known as senior fall, has been busy with school work and the college process. Though the second semester of junior year attempted to prepare us for the obstacles ahead, the reality of the process has been quite different. I wish that I knew how valuable the summer before senior fall is. During senior fall, a lot of students seem to be rushing around and frantically writing supplements.

     Nate Drew, ‘19, remarked that “Sometimes you’re made to feel more stressed about things than you actually have to be.” There are many events and opportunities hosted by the school to help students curb this stress, such as college bootcamp. However, I found that these opportunities worked better for students who prepared some sort of draft, no matter how rough, during the summer. Coming in with drafts and ideas allowed the editing process to go more smoothly.

     Ceili Lemus, ‘19 realized that “Honestly I feel like its not as dramatic as adults make it seem. You’ll get in somewhere and your last choice is somebody’s first choice and no matter what happens you’ll be fine.” I completely agree with Lemus, and I think it is easy to forget that CA is a great school that works hard to get students into college.

     A concept I remember clearly from junior seminar is that if you want to go to college, you will get in somewhere. Senior fall busts the myth that only the highly selective schools are acceptable. Most likely you will find a place that hones in on your niche interest, and work towards that. In my case, I have been very broad and applied to all sorts of places, so if you do not fall in love with an ED school, that’s okay too.

     Sam Banks, ’19 joked that “College is a capitalist scam.” Though satirically dramatic, the college process is very very expensive. That being said, make sure to figure out how to manage the forms and process to support you financially.

     No matter the situation of all the seniors, I’m sure we can agree that the way to make this process the least stressful as possible is to start early. Writing essays and supplements early on frees up some wiggle room for inevitable changes. For all the freshmen and sophomores reading this and getting nervous, don’t worry yet. The CCO, your peers, and the common app break the process down into steps that are easier to tackle and seem less daunting. In reality, test scores matter less when the essays you submit reveal the real you and are impactful. Underclassmen still have plenty of time, so you should focus on your grades and awesome classes that you have the opportunity to take here. Your time here will be over before you know it.