Vedika Sharma: Student Head of School

Darley Boit ’21, Opinion's Editor

      This past May, the student body elected Vedika Sharma ’20 as the head of school for the upcoming school year. Vedika has been quite involved in the CA community since she started her CA career as a new sophomore, most notably as junior class president. Additionally, she plays for the volleyball team and is also an active member of Model UN. This year will be her second year as cohead for South Asian Students Society as well as an editor for The Centipede

      Vedika’s role as junior class president inspired her to run for head of school. The position opened her eyes to the difference she is capable of making within the school community, and she hopes to make an even more positive change this new school year. 

      “I was really proud of all the changes I was able to make, especially through social events, and to really have the power to make changes on small topics, but also big ones, as in things that my class cares about and bringing those issues up in Council. Being able to do that on a smaller scale was really special and was one of the things that inspired me to run for head of school so I could do that on a bigger level and hopefully enact policy changes which I couldn’t have done before,” Vedika shared. 

      Vedika’s biggest goal is to inspect the Disciplinary Committee’s (DC) policies more closely. She wants to create clear boundaries, setting both maximum and minimum punishments for the more frequent violations in order to clarify the consequences for such misdemeanors. Vedika hopes these and other similar guidelines will noticeably minimize the confusion and haze that often surrounds the DC process. 

      “I think students deserve to know [about] all the privileges they have and all the rules that are present that are sometimes forgotten,” explained Vedika.

      In addition to these plans, Vedika wants to create more social events for the CA community, which will help new students integrate into the school and create more general excitement. These social events would include everything from dances to community service outings. 

      Although Vedika has found a home for herself at CA, she recognizes that some members of the community, especially the incoming freshman class, have yet to do so. One of her aspirations as head of school will be to create an environment that every member of the CA community can make his or her home.  “I want to make life as good for everyone here as it is for me.”