Renovations to the Upper Stufac

Nancy Onyimah ‘21, Staff Writer

     As students and faculty return to campus this September, the Upper Stufac and Senior Section may not look familiar due to multiple renovations set to be made. To gain more insight into these changes, The Centipede went to Sally Zimmerli. In an email she wrote, she said, “We are updating all of the furniture, and, with the help of the interior designer who oversaw the Common Rooms, we are creating spaces for hanging out, working, and conversations.”  Zimmerli’s goal is to efficiently utilize the space with a “flexible and modern design.”. 

     The Upper Stufac has always been a beloved spot on campus. Equipped with four vaguely brown but plush couches, the space sets the scene for students to eat, do homework, and hangout with friends. During break on school days, students gather to chat and dance to a few songs, and on the weekends, boarders enjoy brunch and play board games on the low tables. When asked how she felt about the Upper Stufac, Yehrim Hwang ’21 responded, “It’s a nice spot to hang out at break, during lunch, and on the weekends. You can really talk to anyone and everyone.” Despite the struggle of maintaining the area’s cleanliness, it remains a popular and busy spot on campus.

     Regardless of these plans, sources on campus report that the space remains mostly the same. As for the changes they’ve made so far, campus kid Heyden Jennings ’21 says he’s only noticed a repainting of the Stufac railings to black. He admitted he thinks  the new color looks “a lot nicer than before.” It seems as if the majority of the renovations will take place in these last two weeks before school begins. 

     No matter what changes CA makes to the Upper Stufac, it is certain that the space will remain a popular spot on campus. It’s versatility ensures that it will continue to be a beloved space for years to come.