What I Am Looking Forward To This Year

Aayushya Agarwal ’20, Science and Technology Editor

     With my first year at Concord Academy officially over, I am now ready to be considered “not new.” Even though I will be one of the few students in the graduating class who is relatively new to the CA community, I feel ready to more fully immerse myself in the school’s culture, values, and traditions after a year of adjustment as a new Junior.

     One of the main things I am looking forward to is meeting the incoming students. My experiences of living in Mumbai, India and Melbourne, Australia over the past few years have taught me that it is important to help new incoming students. In Mumbai, I attended an international school with students from over 60 countries. In this school, students would arrive and depart every three years, creating a constant turnover of friendships. I was able to help incoming students acclimate each year by assisting them around the school, and by the end of my second year, most of my friend circle consisted of students who had arrived later than I did. 

     When I moved to Australia, however, my experience was completely different. In this school, everyone had been together since kindergarten, and nobody came and left. I did not receive much assistance when I arrived on my first day, so when two new international students arrived the following year, I took it on to assist them as much as possible and to teach them as much about Australian culture to help them assimilate.

 I hope to give back to the CA community and assist the new freshmen by asking more than a simple “what is your name?” or “how are you?” I want to be as welcoming as possible. I look forward to the various ways my peers and I will help the freshman class from the strategies we discussed during the Junior Leadership Retreat this past spring, such as hosting weekly competitions during break or seeming approachable and part of the overall community by not spending all of our time in the senior section. 

     In addition to helping the new freshman class, I am also excited for Club Expo. Because Club Expo occurs so early in the school year, I felt unprepared to take full advantage of the event. I was still not entirely used to the school-driven club concept and did not sign up to many clubs. This year, I am launching a new club focused on linguistics and am excited to use Club Expo as a platform to promote the club’s activities.

     Another aspect that I am looking forward to throughout the upcoming school year is listening to my peers’ chapels because I love hearing the wide variety of stories seniors share. I am eager to be able to give my chapel in April next year and add to our class’ narrative. I look forward to the CA community being able to hear about my experiences living in three different continents over the past few years and the aspects that I have learned from those experiences.