There are about 170 school days each year which means every Concord Academy student will be having at least 170 meals in the Student-Facility Center. Whether those meals are brunch on the weekends, or dinner after sports, I encourage each CA student to the advantage of all that the dining hall and restaurants in Concord have to offer. Be on the lookout for new and creative dishes your peers have created throughout the year.

Every month or so there are specific days that have themes, like a salad toss, pasta bar, or breakfast for dinner. At the salad bar, for example, each student picks their veggies and proteins and then decides if they want their personalized salad to be hot or cold. These days, in particular, are very crowded ones. At regular lunches, take advantage of the salad bar, stir fry, and panini machines. It is easy to grab a bowl of plain rice when you are in a hurry but each day the options inside the salad bar are switched out so there is always an opportunity to try new things. I found out that I love seaweed salad, tofu, and many other odds and ends. The breaded fish or meat they serve is an easy option for me if I am in a hurry or want some protein. The salad bar also strives to provide vegan and vegetarian students with tofu or beans. 

On nights when you are not craving heart-shaped ravioli in a bright pink cheese sauce (a dish that was featured on valentine’s day), you can head to restaurants on extended campus. For pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, or any fast food, these are where our local pizza shops rank on my scale. I like Comella’s and New London Style Pizza for pizza and Sorrento’s for chicken nuggets. Each student has their own preferences so be sure to check out those places for yourselves. Chang An, a Chinese restaurant, is a great place to go to dinner with your friends or to visit for the affordable lunch buffet. Although mildly expensive, Main Street Cafe, Haute, and Helen’s are great places to eat in or take a quick walk over and order take out. An extended campus perk is that the trifecta of mainstream coffee/concession stores are all next to each other. Dunkin Donuts, Cumberland Farms, and Starbucks are all within feet of each other (as well as CVS a little farther down the road) so if none of your friends can agree on which place has the best coffee you can make a stop at all of them. Last but not least, Crosby’s Marketplace and Concord Provisions are a bit pricey, but are basically supermarkets full of surprises like edible cookie dough or necessities like avocados.

All in all, be sure to take advantage of Concord. This town is full of quirky restaurants and hidden wonders, such as a whole store dedicated to cheese. Whether you are creating your own meal in the StuFac or eating out, make sure to get creative with your meals and not only eat the plain rice all day everyday.