As the new school year commences and the workload begins to pile up, it is important to find a designated spot to study and unwind. Here are some popular hangout spots on and off campus that I would recommend. 

  • The Quad: After a grueling school day, laying on the grass with warm sun rays against one’s face is a welcome change. Bring friends along to throw a frisbee or to do homework. Either way, it would be a splendid way to end an afternoon of classes or a weekend.   
  • Bedford Farms: Getting ice cream is a great excuse to “take a study break” and hang out. I mean, I personally don’t know many people who would ever turn down large, heaping scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I would argue that ice cream can be eaten in any weather but it is a CA favorite during the warm fall months and the sunny spring days. 
  • Haute Coffee: Many students like to visit the renowned coffee shop, Haute, in downtown Concord. This compact, cozy, house-like, coffee shop is a favorite amongst students and faculty alike. Freshly brewed coffee can be smelled from the door and an arrangement of pastries greets you at the counter. It is the perfect place to chat with friends, work, or just pick up a cookie (I recommend the double chocolate chip cookies and the maple spice latte if you are a coffee drinker!)
  • The Library: A kind of not-so-hidden secret, the nooks, and crannies of the library serve as a quiet place for productive work or just quiet time.  Whether you are cramming for a test or pacing yourself for a paper due in a week, you can always count on the library to be a productive space for your educational endeavors.  

The responsibilities that come with every new school year can be challenging and overwhelming and a change of scenery, a breath of fresh air, or even an ice cream cone may help the process. Finding a spot that makes you feel comfortable and content can create a refuge for when school is busy and you need a place to study, relax or unwind.