Kaity Goodwin ’18 is one of the most spirited members of the Concord Academy community.  Students should expect her unique leadership to bring a year of unstoppable creativity and passion. She values all of CA’s principles deeply and is committed to bettering the community. 

Goodwin will be the new student head of school this year, and the CA community is excited to see how she will flourish. She is from Billerica, Massachusetts where she is an active member of her church and is involved in community service work. At CA, she can be found in the Fiber Arts Studio working on a project. She loves art, especially graphic design and DIY projects. Goodwin can also always be found at Starbucks, her favorite place to go on extended campus. Her favorite sport is softball and she plays as the pitcher on CA’s softball team. Last year during Spirit Week, a tradition Goodwin cherishes, she led her class to first place beating all other classes in the competition. 

She chose to come to CA because she admired its inclusivity. Insecure about her love of Justin Bieber and sparkly things, she was afraid people would judge her when she first came to CA as a freshman. However, she managed to come out of her shell and share who she is. Her advice to new students? “Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You shouldn’t have to worry about potential judgment.”  

While Goodwin is very approachable, she is also a fearless leader whose number one priority as head of school is to get things done. Goodwin hopes, “the whole community can come together more often so that there is a space for every person to be who they are.” 

She is determined to reaffirm common trust this year by emphasizing accountability for yourself and your belongings.

“Common trust can’t come without common sense,” she said. 

She also believes everyone should keep a strong level of respect for faculty, peers, and most importantly the school. Giving respect is important to maintain common trust at CA whether it means throughout the hallways or on social media. “Listen to each other and to each other’s stories. Share your own and learn something from that experience,” Goodwin explained. “Nothing will get done by talking over people and no one will feel like their ideas are being respected and taken into consideration.”

Goodwin ran for head of school because she wished to ensure all voices are heard throughout the community. She wanted to make an impact at CA with her unique style of leadership. With her goals in hand, Goodwin is prepared to work hard to better the community and the lives of CA students.