Though the town of Concord, Massachusetts may come off as quiet at first glance, there is actually more to it than one would think. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to fill your calendar with some fun activities while in Concord. 

If you were to ask a resident of Concord what the town is most famous for you are likely to hear something about Emerson, Thoreau, or the American Revolution. Concord is a world-famous tourist destination due to its historical attractions including The Old Manse House, formerly the residence of numerous literary figures including Emerson and Hawthorne, which is now a non-profit museum located on Monument Street. The Jacob Whittemore House, which gives you the opportunity to explore what life was like in 1775 with historical actors, colonial clothing, and other hands-on activities, is also nearby.

Stepping away from Concord’s many historical sites and closer to campus, there are a variety of restaurants and cafes for relaxation and indulgence off-campus. For an early morning snack or lunch outing, Main Street Cafe, located in the town center and only a five-minute walk from campus, offers a local, upscale alternative to more widely-known chains. Main Street Cafe offers a diverse menu including beverages like the house-brewed iced teas and Iced Chai Latte. They also have entrees such as the Yankee black Angus pot roast, ale battered fish and chips, and even pot roast poutine. If the pricey menu and lack of seating aren’t too much trouble, Main Street Cafe is a perfect spot for a quick bite. 

Running for the cross country team, I have noticed that very few people are aware of the beautiful trails all around Concord. Throughout Concord, there are hundreds of trails giving you the opportunity to stretch your legs while enjoying nature. The Fairhaven Trail offers a beautiful outlook over Fairhaven Bay while also keeping you out of the sun with the shade of the large trees, and the Walden Pond State Reservation Trail surrounds Walden Pond and connects to the beach allowing you to enjoy the beach after a nice workout. The Battle Road Trail brings you to more historic destinations while also enjoying a smooth trail to walk or run on.

Concord is truly more than meets the eye whether going for a run around Walden or exploring The Old Manse House there will always be another exciting destination to add to your schedule!