Elizabeth (Liz) Beal from Acton, MA is the new Associate Director of Admissions at Concord Academy. She has been working in education for 20 years as a college counselor and in college admissions. She has also worked for college access programs based in high schools. School feels like home for her. Liz shared that, “I see education as a great equalizer, and I am motivated by moving toward access, equity, and opportunity for all students.” 

She attended the Acton-Boxborough Public Schools, and to Bucknell University in PA, then to the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Beal grew up in the town next over and some of her friends went to CA. It was inspiring for her to hear the way one of her friends talked about her experience here. When she worked for admissions at a college, she read applications from CA students and could tell how “transformational” CA was. The high school Beal worked at had a similar mission to CA: to work hard and be yourself. “I think CA motivates their students to be active and thoughtful citizens, which is something really important to me,” said Beal.

 If she went to Concord Academy, she would love to join the debate club. She is also intrigued by the “call to stories” class about podcasts and oral storytelling and she wished that there was a class such as this one while she was in high school. Latin is another subject that Beal would be enthusiastic to take if she was a student in CA. 

Her favorite place to visit is St. Paul de Vence in France, but she loves going anywhere near the ocean. Additionally, Beal shared that she thinks she could survive a zombie apocalypse for at least a few days, with the help of her son who was born on Halloween! If Beal were to describe herself in three words she would choose: curious, hard-working, and empathetic. She is excited to learn more about the CA community and especially to get to know the students here.