How do I make new friends?

 – Anonymous

Hello Anonymous!

If you really are having trouble making new friends, try sending out all_school_fyi emails about easily found “lost” items.  When someone responds to your email, you have one new friend right there. Hope this helps! 

– Rhonda

Help me Rhonda!

I can never seem to get out of bed on time in the mornings and I’m always late for chapel!  What should I do?

– A sleep-deprived Freshman

Hello sleep-deprived Freshman,

One trick I have for waking up in the morning is to leave whatever homework you have due to the first block unfinished so you have to get up early. Nothing gets the blood flowing like fear and stress! May sleep never elude you.

– Rhonda


I accidentally spent $250 at Club Expo!  How do I break the news to my parents?

– Someone in debt

Hello someone in debt,

My recommendation is to explain to your parents that bookstore money isn’t real money* and that all the cool kids spend at least $300. Best of luck!

– Rhonda

*NOTE: Bookstore money is actually real money