Christmas is just around the corner, but there is no need to stress. There are many gifts that you can find that will put a smile on the faces of friends and family. The items are the DJI spark portable drone, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch Console, GoPro Hero8, Segway MiniPro Smart Balancing Transporter,  Apple Watch Series 5, Amazon Alexa (3rd Gen), the Instax Mini 9, Apple Airpods Pro, and the iPhone 11. 

The  DJI spark drone is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand, making it conveniently portable. The drone itself is able to shoot videos in HD quality and comes with a 2-axis stabilizer camera. This prevents any of the drone’s vibrations or movements from transferring to the photos and videos. This bijou drone has the ability to fly up to 31 miles per hour for a total of 16 minutes per flight. One of the most noteworthy features is that it is gesture-controlled when in flight mode. This allows you to control your drone when it is in the air simply with the movement of your hands. The DJI app is very easy to use and is equipped with numerous automated software controls. Some of these features allow you to make the drone do circular orbits, sweeping crane shots, and to zoom precisely in or out. This drone is a great gift for a teenager if they enjoy creating cool photos and stunning videos.

Next, the Playstation 4 would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys playing video games. This console has a sleek and attractive compact design made of light-weight stylized black plastic. It also comes with a single Dualshock 4 controller, which feels much more refined compared to previous ones. With its great compatibility you will never run out of recreational entertainment. On the front of this console, there are 2 USB 3.0 ports which can be used to charge the Dualshock 4 controllers or connect accessories to external storage devices. The console itself plugs into the TV by HDMI and can support media resolutions of 4k. However, gaming is only limited to 1080p. When pitted against the Xbox one, the Playstation 4 offers similar processing power but even better graphic performance, giving gamers an edge. Moreover, the PS4 offers Blue Ray and can support several additional online media services such as Youtube and Netflix. The console made by Sony represents gaming at it’s finest, serving an abundance of game titles, wonderful graphics, and bountiful additional media services. 

The Segway MiniPro is a self-balancing scooter. This scooter meets safety regulations, passing the UL 2272. The “UL” which stands for the company Underwriter Labs, is a leading global safety certification company that has been around for over a century, offering safety-related certification, validation, testing, inspection, and training services. By passing this regulation the scooter meets all of the required safety standards. This smart balancing scooter is effectively controlled with a smartphone operating in Android or iOS. When riders first begin, they have to complete an apprentice mode on the app before they can access the scooters full speed. 


This scooter can travel 14 miles on a single charge! The overall design of the Segway MiniPro features twin-800W motors which deliver a total of 1,600W of pure power and performance. These motors are fueled by a cutting edge lithium battery that reaches a full charge in four hours. Furthermore, the 10.5-inch pneumatic tires have a specialized tread which helps resist sliding. The MiniPro’s body is made of tough magnesium alloys which prevents this A1 scooter from any form of rusting. This scooter also features special headlights and tail lights which can be lucidly spotted from 15 feet away. This hands-free, self-balancing scooter ensures riders’ safety, uses cutting edge innovation for controls, and makes for the perfect trip around town with friends. 

Lastly, the Fujifilm Instax Mini9 is fun to use and perfect for capturing your daily life on film. It comes in a variety of snazzy colors such as cobalt blue, flamingo pink, and smokey white. This camera is inexpensive and has an optical viewfinder, selfie mirror, and a macro adapter. The Mini 9 measures 4.7 by 4.6 by 2.7 inches and weighs a mere 10.8 ounces, making it extremely portable. Not to mention, the camera possesses a 60mm lens, which has a narrow f/12.7 maximum aperture. Furthermore, the camera has a moderate wide-angle field of view which is about the same as a 35mm lens on a full-frame camera. You will definitely appreciate Fujifilm’s narrow but automatic flash while taking creative photos indoors, which allows for perfect lighting in any environment. Turning the camera takes a push of a button next to the lens, causing the lens to pop out and the flash to power on. Overall, the Instax Mini 9 is a lot of fun. You can snap a picture, watch it develop before your very eyes, and immediately hand the picture to a friend to stick onto the fridge or tack on a bulletin board to cherish the memories for a lifetime. This camera is a perfect compact option to document family moments, travel photos, and capture candid events.