It is with no surprise that the Impeachment trial of Donald Trump will be remembered throughout the next chapter of American history. While many members of the CA community hoped that Trump would be removed from office, there simply were not enough votes in the Senate to achieve this, despite the wishes of many Americans. While the impeachment ended almost a month ago, it will be looming above American voters during the upcoming 2020 Presidential elections. 

During the summer of 2019, Trump made a phone call with Ukraine. This was assumed as a simple diplomatic extension over the phone, but according to a whistleblower claimed otherwise. The phone call was allegedly Trump requesting foreign assistance in intervening and investigating Joe Biden’s campaign. Furthermore, Trump was also willing to withhold aid money from Ukraine if they did not cooperate. This exchange will later be known as a ‘quid pro quo,’ meaning that Trump was expecting favor from Ukraine if Ukraine wanted to have their aid money back. Many Americans viewed this as a violation of Article II of the Constitution, leading to the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, to start an impeachment inquiry during the fall of 2019. Whilst the inquiry itself was justified, Trump’s administration began to put up several sketchy barriers during the inquiry. Either the administration became too paranoid or they were really trying to hide what Trump was actually doing with his presidential powers.

During the inquiry, Trump made a fatal mistake that ultimately scarred his presidential campaign: he refused to cooperate. Despite his excuse that most of the investigations were being held privately by the multiple search committees, not aiding in the process only makes him look like he was hiding something. Even if he was not and was simply not cooperating out of spite for the Democrats, this move is what ultimately led to the impeachment trial. While the two articles of impeachment were passed through the House, everyone was in universal agreement that it would take a miracle for them to be passed in the Senate. Obviously it will be easy to pass a vote in the majority-Democratic House, but when the Senate is mostly Republican, we then start running into some issues. Not only did Trump really control the impeachment to go his way, as he was ultimately cleared from his impeachment, but the Democrats themselves made several flaws during the last months of the impeachment that allowed Trump to win his impeachment trial.

The big talk of debate during the Senate trial was having witnesses. The Democrats wanted more witnesses, while the Republicans and Trump administration were blocking any new witness that came along the way. This is where Trump made his only smart play during this whole impeachment process, he waited. He knew any attempt to block the Democrats in the House would only escalate the situation, but in the Senate, he could easily influence the ultimate decision to go in his favor. While most of the American public wanted witnesses, Trump just ignored the media as he has done in the past. This attempt to bring more witnesses might have actually hurt the Democrats because it seems like a desperate final move to somehow change the current course of the election. So far Trump has had much bigger and vocal support than any other Democratic candidate, so taking him out of the picture was the only viable solution for the Democrats. By failing, they actually brought the conservative community closer together, which only makes the task of getting votes in the 2020 Presidential election much more difficult. In the end, this trial became of the history textbooks, but it greatly failed at trying to complete its task of hurting Trump’s chance of re-election.