Both Concord Academy’s Boys and Girls Varsity Squash teams had very successful seasons in terms of actual wins but they also formed strong bonds among teammates. The boys had a 9-4 season and took third place at the Class D NEPSAC tournament at the Westminster School. Girls squash was able to win three of their early matches and competed at the Class E NEPSAC tournament. The girls squash team was composed primarily of underclassmen, and their success will only continue to blossom as they become grow older and become stronger as a team. 

“This squash season went very well. We had a winning season, at one point having an eight-win streak, and plac[ed] third in the NEPSAC tournament at the end of the season” says Arthur Donohue ’22 of the Boys Varsity Squash team. “The team chemistry was very tight and the team was somewhat of a family. I think everyone on the team can agree that we couldn’t have asked for a better season.” According to Arthur, not only did his team have many exciting victories, but they also grew much closer as a team. 

GiGi McIntosh ’23 of the Girls Varsity Squash team agrees with Arthur that strong bonds were formed among team members. “We tried our hardest,” says GiGi “and as a team, we definitely built a really close relationship. Gig went on to discuss the relationship between the boys and girls team, saying, “We actually formed a close relationship with the boys team as well.” The athletics page on Concord Academy’s website says that athletics at CA are meant to teach students “important life lessons about teamwork and achievement.” The 2020 squash season was very successful in both of these ways. As demonstrated by Arthur and GiGi’s feelings on how the season went, both teams were victorious on the court. However, off the court, both the boys and girls became stronger teams. Due to the close relationships formed among teammates, both the boys and girls squash teams will definitely be even more successful next season.