Although the Concord Academy winter sports ended well over a month ago, it was a very exciting season. All of the teams represented CA well throughout the season and enjoyed varying levels of success. 

The Girls Varsity Alpine Ski Team had a stellar season, as they dominated the Central Mountain Ski League(CMSL) and won every race. Due to their success, they won a league championship at Wachusett Mountain during the CMSL awards ceremony. The team continued their momentum into the NEPSAC championships in Waterville Valley, and earned second place in Class B. At the tournament, Tory Adams ‘23 won a NEPSAC individual championship, the first-ever for the CA program. The boys also had an amazing season, placing second in the CMSL and did very well in NEPSACS. Both teams had many athletes place in the individual top 10 for the CMSL.

The Coed Varsity Wrestling team also enjoyed an excellent season. The team continued to grow, with an impressive 24 athletes this year, who helped earn them a 9-4 regular-season record. After traveling to Portsmouth Abbey for the EIL championship, CA earned a second-place finish with five wrestlers finishing in the top two of their weight class. Four members of the team represented CA at the NEPSACs as well.

The four basketball teams all put in a lot of effort this season, forging great bonds while also improving their skills on the court. The Boys Varsity Squash team had a 6-4 regular-season record and went on to earn third place in Class D at NEPSACs. 

In the main event of the winter sports season, the Battle of Lexington and Concord, CA’s four basketball teams and the Coed Varsity Wrestling team valiantly tried to defend the Red Drum trophy after triumphing last year in a huge win. However, after massive efforts in four basketball games, with all teams representing CA well, LCA won with four games. The coed varsity wrestling team secured CA’s only win of the night after a very exciting match. They went into the match as the underdog after losing to LCA earlier in the season. This time, the young team pulled out an excellent and redemptive victory in front of a high-spirited crowd. 

Overall, the winter teams continued to improve over the course of the season, and look like they will have a bright future next year.