Each year, the Concord Academy community eagerly looks forward to Winterfest as an opportunity to spend time with friends, enjoy delicious food, pie seniors, and raise money for a charitable organization. For many, however, the highlight of the event is the student talent show. This year, the talent show featured acts that ranged from yo-yoing to singing and dancing, showcasing the spirit and creativity of the CA community.

 All of the students’ performances were very impressive, and, in particular, the judges enjoyed listening to Wendi Wang ’22 – a flutist who performed a song while beatboxing – and Noah Wells ’22, who embodied Elton John in a bedazzled costume as he sang “Crocodile Rock.” Some other highlights of the show were a dance performance by “Mika and the Gang” to the popular song “Sweet but Psycho,” a performance by Sameer Desai ’20 in which he played the keyboard and demonstrated his musical composition process, and a skilled exhibition of yo-yo tricks by Entertainment Co-head Erik Bjork ’20. 

In addition to displaying the immense talent of the CA student body, the Winterfest talent show was memorable because of the way that it brought together the community. Throughout the show, it was clear that faculty and students, including both performers and audience members, were engaged in the performances and in supporting the performers. The talent show’s spirited atmosphere, coupled with students’ amazing performances, resulted in a 2020 Winterfest talent show that was both meaningful and enjoyable.