Quarantine is not only impacting our ability to attend in-person classes and school events,  but also the spring athletics season. Games and practices after school are such a critical component of a typical school day and will definitely be missed this season.

Concord Academy students have many commitments and responsibilities, some being academics, arts, music, leadership positions, and clubs. While athletics is just one more requirement that we have to meet, sports teams actually help to alleviate a lot of the stress that we face on a daily basis at such a rigorous school. “I love sports so much because they act as a nice way to get away from my everyday busy life and do something I really enjoy,” says Bailey Herrmann ’21, a member of the girl’s lacrosse team. CA sports serve as a distraction from many of the negative aspects of our days and replace them with a supportive environment filled with enthusiastic peers.

Sports teams also enrich the CA community by bringing together a variety of students.  CA athletics connect players of different backgrounds, ages, and interests, which is a very special and rewarding experience for athletes. The friendships that form on the field, track, gym, or court are irreplaceable and continue far past each season.

Finally, sports give each school day structure. Four to five times a week, sports provide a specific exercise routine for students. Especially when training at the Moriarty Athletic Campus, the lower fields, or the SHAC gym, students are exposed to the best atmosphere to exercise. Even the hardest workouts can be accomplished alongside a group of teammates pushing each other to succeed. 

However, with this global pandemic, the spring sports season has been canceled entirely and has denied students from these beneficial aspects. I and many others have found it difficult to maintain a normal schedule while adjusting to distance learning. While our days are much more open, it has proven to be harder to implement all the valuable benefits of team sports. Social distancing has required us all to communicate through a screen, and while team meetings are refreshing, it just isn’t the same. Since we don’t have access to CA’s fields, courts, and gyms, it’s especially hard to find space and equipment to exercise with. In addition, it has been difficult to find forms of exercise that can not only keep us active but also can take our mind off the constant depressing headlines that are posted every morning. 

Now more than ever, it is important to remember that the pandemic is only temporary and will get better. While it may take some time, try your best to stay active over quarantine, and stay in touch with friends and teammates. When we finally do go back to school, be sure to maximize the benefits you can receive from being a student-athlete at CA.