Because we are unable to return to CA for the remainder of the school year, senior project presentations will look very different. Some seniors are unable to finish their project and present it the way they had planned. Additionally, students may not have the time to see every senior’s project, which they would have been able to if at CA. I wanted to help a few seniors share the stories behind their projects, and make their hard work visible to this community. I interviewed two seniors who are working on very different projects about their experience; Ava Glazier ’20 and Sara Goldstein ’20.

This past summer, Ava Glazier ’20 held an internship at the Brigham Multiregional Trial Center in Brigham, MA. For her senior project, she chose to continue helping them by creating educational brochures. 

“Educational brochures are something that is very helpful, and theirs were very outdated and needed to be remade,” Ava shared. Ava decided to help update and create brochures, which will soon be printed and put in hospitals, as part of her senior project. 

A class Ava took at CA is what initially inspired her to pursue the internship at Brigham Multiregional Trial Center that later evolved into her senior project. 

“I took Human Evolutionary Bio my Junior year with Andrea, and this is what got me involved with ethics work. In HEB, I got to see a different form of biology and how it can take different lives. This course prompted me to take a bioethics course with Global Online Academy, which led me to pursue my internship at Brigham in Ethics. I took another GOA this fall in preparation for my senior project in global health which was also super helpful. If I hadn’t taken HEB, I probably would not have done the internship last summer.” 

Sara Goldstein ’20’s project also stemmed from what she learned from being a student at CA. For her senior project, Sara Goldstein ’20 chose to reflect on her CA experience through art. 

“I knew I wanted to do something with painting and art,” explains Sara. “I decided I wanted to capture my CA experience, and so I’m doing a series of paintings of Concord and places around CA that have been important in my CA career. It ended up being my path through CA portrayed through paintings. In order to make my project interdisciplinary, I also wrote about each place I was painting. This really taught me how to tell stories through art.” This project was extremely special for Sara, as it gave her the opportunity to look back on all of the memories she’s made at CA and how much she has learned from being a part of this community. 

“What was most rewarding for me was being able to reflect on my four years here, and really look back on the milestones, and things, people, and places, that have really made these four years as amazing as they were,” says Sara. “I was also able to display turning points in my CA career through these paintings. For example, I painted the track and the volleyball court. These are meaningful places for me because they’re places I spent a lot of time, and where I learned how to be a leader.” Sara wishes to extend her gratitude to this community for all that they have done to shape her into the person she is today. 

“I feel as though this community has shaped me so much and I’m trying to capture all that my CA experience has given me in these places. This community has changed me a lot and I’m very grateful for it.”