Last spring, the student body elected Zahaan Khalid ’21 as the new Head of School. Born in Boston and raised in Miami, Zahaan joined CA as a new sophomore and quickly became a notable figure in the community. He held his highest leadership positions during his junior year, when he became a co-head of the South Asian Student Society. In addition, he was elected junior class president. He began to develop a strong voice thanks to both roles.

Zahaan chose to run for Head of School because he felt CA was “heavily student-oriented.” CA was also very “open-minded,” and the “positive community sense” he saw made him love the school even more. His love for the community will only “push [him] further” as CA continues to explore learning options for the fall semester and beyond.

He understands that “online classes can be tricky,” but he wants next year to be a positive one. “I understand how to listen to people,” he says, and he is willing to “put in more effort” to bring back some aspects that made CA such a special place. He is currently working to bring a digital Club Expo, as well as other big traditions to remind everyone that we are in this together. 

Zahaan also wants to make sure that boarders feel included, especially given that housing will be closed for the entirety of the fall semester. He is striving to make the school more equitable, and is working with Boarding Council to help boarders in any way possible. He doesn’t want next year to be overwhelming, but wants to cover “every base” in order to promote a positive attitude for this coming year. 

Zahaan has also advocated for the incoming freshman class, who may find it challenging to start high school during these difficult times. He wants to assure the freshmen that “they are not lost or forgotten.” He wants them to feel accepted in the community, and will work to “make the freshmen as comfortable as possible.” He is also asking the senior class to help the freshmen out, whether it be by “teaching freshman classes” or making them feel welcome in club meetings. 

Overall, Zahaan wants this year to be community-oriented and doesn’t want anyone to feel left behind. He wants every student in the CA community to know that “even if it is easy to look at the negative, try to look at the positive” and to “remain strong.”