On August 10th, Head of School Rick Hardy sent an email to the Concord Academy community announcing the administration’s plan to go virtual for the fall semester. The community reacted in a variety of ways; some members were accepting of the decision, and others were disappointed. This resulted in a myriad of challenging emails and zoom calls, to which members of the senior class responded. See their statement below.

Dear Concord Academy community, 

        Members of the senior class as signed below hope that this message finds the CA community in good health and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. We look forward to our final year as students and leaders at CA and are excited to welcome new and returning students and families back to school in whatever capacity it may be. 

        Confusion, anger, and sadness are all valid emotions as we grieve the loss of the fall semester as we anticipated it. The news that CA will be going virtual is a disruption to all of our lives during this difficult time, and it is safe to say that we all wish we could be with one another in person this fall. That being said, we stand with the administration and the faculty members who have made this decision. 

        We understand the delicate nature of these unprecedented circumstances and would like to express our empathy for those who are frustrated and disadvantaged by the choice to institute a virtual learning experience. However, many of us were taken aback by the tone of the reactions shared by some members of our community. We wish to represent our thoughts and perspectives on this matter, and though it was implied otherwise, we want to emphasize that our opinions differ from those expressed by some members of the community. We trust that the administration explored all options in making an effective hybrid or in-person plan, and we appreciate all the hard work that they are doing. We acknowledge that the opinions shared are not representative of all those present in our community, and we appreciate those who have spoken up in support of the school.

        It is the utmost priority of our class to stand behind our faculty and staff, who, in their trust and respect for us throughout the past three years, have earned our faith in them. While we understand the frustration that stems from a lack of communication and transparency regarding the recent change in plans, we urge everyone to continue asking questions to better understand this decision and trust the faculty and administration. Every individual is entitled to their own views and opinion regarding the decision to start the year off virtually. However, having chosen to be a part of this community, we invite everyone to stand with us in support of CA’s values: common trust, equity, and mutual respect. As some of the leaders of CA’s student body, we’re asking you to respect the adults in our community, who are so committed to our education, safety, and wellbeing. And most of all, we’re asking you to uphold the values that we have embraced throughout high school and will continue to live by long after we graduate.  


The following members of the senior class:

Abigail Kaufman

Adam Winograd

Aliza Keegan

Altea Thompson

Angie Minichiello

Amanda Shih

Bailey Herrmann

Bryan Montenegro

Callum Chertavian

Christina Younan

Coco Huang

Coriell Miller

Diego Hernandez

Edward Myers-Rafferty

Emily Shih

Emma Myers-Rafferty

Emma Benardete

Emma Lurie

Ennya Papastoitsis

Eric Liu

Gabriela Ruberto


Hayden Jennings

Hans Toulmin

Henry Patton

Isadora Goldman Leviton

Jack Lin

Jeremiah Lamothe

Jessica Bradford

Jolyon Breckon

Josh Pierce-Gupta

Julia Barrozo

Kaori Sakurai

Kendall Bartel

Kincaid DeBell

Laura Diangeli

Lev Ko

Loki Fondeur

Maddy Liesching

Max von Gottberg

Max Winneg

Melanie Chen

Meleah Neely

Mika Iwasa

Miles Berry

Natalie Cangas

Oliver Longo

Olivia Fisher

Oluchi Nancy Onyimah

Piper Frankum

Piper Gordon

Roger Ge

Rose Sinkus

Rylie Robinson

Sammy Albright 

Sam Remondi

Sara McKenna

Saúl Verdi

Shreya Patel

Yehrim Hwang

Zahaan Khalid

Zeno Marquis