Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Concord Academy is still welcoming new students to the CA community. A total of 108 new students will be joining the student body, including 103 freshmen and five sophomores. Similar to a typical year, the gender divide is fairly even; there are fifty-five female-identifying students and fifty-three male-identifying students.

With what can likely be attributed to the extenuating circumstances of COVID-19, far fewer boarding students will join the community this year, with a total of only thirty-eight. The divide between private and public educational background is exactly the same, with thirty-eight students previously attending public middle schools and seventy who were enrolled in an independent school.

CA continues to welcome students from a diverse set of racial backgrounds, although most self-identify as white. Of all the students residing inside the United States (excluding seven who declined to answer), five identify as African American, ten as Asian, fifteen as multiracial, one as Middle Eastern, forty-eight as Caucasian, and eight as Latino. Fourteen students come from outside the US as international students from different countries including Brazil, China, South Korea, Mexico, and Thailand.

While COVID-19 will certainly change how CA’s fall semester will occur, the school is excited to welcome new faces to our community.