Hot chocolate, dried dumplings, cookie dough, brownies… in the Stu-Fac? It is the time of year when all the clubs put together an awesome fiesta where students enjoy tasty treats, upbeat music, and an exciting atmosphere. Club Expo is one of the most important events on the Concord Academy calendar, providing new students with the opportunity to not only inform themselves about the clubs, but also to peek into the vibrant CA culture. 

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Club Expo will manifest itself through an online setting. On the night of Friday, September 25th, the CA community will congregate and celebrate the event as usual. Club heads are asked to initiate their own Zoom rooms and welcome the passionate new students. Though there will no longer be delicious food, the essence of Club Expo–an event that brings the community together–becomes even more crucial. 

Both new and old students reported difficulties connecting with the community through the online setting.

“I know it’s only week [one], but I feel very detached from this community, and really every community for that matter, and I don’t see how I’m gonna feel like a part of CA without some social interaction…” a ninth-grader shared.

To combat the isolation and detachment the community members feel, the Council and the Student Life Office are working intimately to enhance the students’ social experience online. 

Because of the unprecedented nature of this online setting, there are some challenges to be overcome. Council took weeks discussing ways for clubs to sell club merch and discovering solutions for shipping, as well as pick up, options. Another drawback of online activities is that students might experience excessive amounts of screentime, leading to headaches and eye strain. These issues are being and will be addressed through incessant experimentation in the brand new virtual environment. More importantly, the community will work together to combat through this unprecedented time.