During these unprecedented and trying times, Concord Academy has been faced with the issue of structuring athletics for the fall season. Through collaborative efforts, CA has decided to provide students with both on campus and remote options. 

The on-campus offerings consist of a variety of options ranging from team sports to individualized activities. Weather permitting, on-campus sports occur every Wednesday and Friday. The main campus will be host to a majority of the different sports this fall including boys soccer, yoga, fitness, volleyball, mountain biking, running and conditioning, hiking, and individualized strength and conditioning classes. The Moriarty Athletic Campus will also provide a space for many sports to practice this season, such as tennis, girls soccer, field hockey, cross country, and pickleball. While playing these sports, students will social distance and keep their masks on, unless getting a sip of water. 

These sports were specially picked to be part of the on-campus fall athletic program to allow students and faculty to remain safe while still enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of participating in sports. For example, playing these sports is a great way for any new or returning student to become more involved in the community. Athletics gives students a chance to make new friends. Additionally, exercise is beneficial for anyone, especially students. Being active and getting your blood flowing by running around on the field after sitting for hours of Zoom classes is important for the student’s physical and mental health.

If students attending Concord Academy are unable to be on campus for the fall athletic season, they will still have the opportunity to get full athletic credit through remote offerings. Team zoom meetings are hosted on Mondays, as CA realizes that not all students can be on campus during the Wednesday and Friday practices. Team meetings are hosted to ensure that all team members are included and updated on team scheduling matters. In addition, it is an equitable way to make all students feel welcomed into the community even though they can not be on campus. During these remote classes, students will have the opportunity to connect with different coaches and peers as they all work through the various exercises and activities they will be completing over zoom. 

CA students are excited to get back into sports and reconnect with coaches and friends this fall athletic season through on-campus activities and Zoom meetings.

CA Athletic Council member Kaitlin Beard ’21 says, “I am really excited to get back on the field and meet new people no matter what that looks like and there is no doubt in my mind that this season will be a great one! I think having the extra time virtually will allow everyone to bond and make next year’s season even more fun! Just focusing on being together, I think it’s going to really help a lot of people’s mental health  to not be worried about sports but to still be able to play them and have fun with their friends.”

Max Winneg ’21, another member of the Student Athletic Council, states, “It’s just important we’re out there together. It’s a really massive loss that we don’t have borders participating in person, I know many of the teams are made up of a lot of borders, and this year the camaraderie is very different, but I think through Zoom we can kind of get that [connection] back.” 

Councilmember Emily Shi ’21 remarks, “Something I’m excited for is the virtual component. Some people can’t come, so we are having team meetings weekly on Monday nights, and it’s just a good opportunity that we usually don’t have in seasons to specifically focus on building team chemistry and bond as a team. I think that these virtual meetings will serve a good purpose: to build up the programs.” 

These students represent the excitement of the entire community to get some smiling (masked up!) faces back on campus and in the Zoom room.