Like many students, you may be familiar with Concord Academy’s affinity groups, green club, debate, or Model UN. What may not be such common knowledge, however, is that CA is home to over 90 different clubs. This may seem daunting, especially if you are a new student just discovering extracurricular activities, but do not let that turn you away from our amazing clubs, because there truly is a club for everyone here! But 90 clubs? How is that even possible? Here we look into the most unique clubs CA has to offer that you may never have even heard of!

Some of our unique clubs are not only fun, but are for a great cause. The Bee Club was created to raise money for honey bees. Money raised is donated to conservancies to help save and protect bees. This group also holds events, such as documentary screenings. 

The Period Coalition is another group. “[We] work to bring the CA community together to fight against period poverty and stigma, and aims to educate the community about the situation of menstruators worldwide,” Lilia Kadson ’22, a cohead of Period Coalition, shares. 

Another unique club for a cause is Rubbish to Runway, a club dedicated to using recycling in order to create fashion. They save the planet in style, and meet weekly, like most other clubs. 

For TVshow lovers, you may also find a club perfect for you. Between Avatar club, which meets weekly to watch episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender and play Avatar-related games, and the Finer Things Club, meeting to watch and discuss The Office episodes, it may be hard to decide which club to join.

Many schools have a Dungeons and Dragons club, but what about Magic: the Gathering? Another one of CA’s unique clubs, Magic: the Gathering club gets together to play this fantastical card game. Ping-Pong Club, on the other hand, is a different club for game seekers who may only have time for a quick game of ping pong, or want to get some energy out with this classic pastime, although it is unsure how the club will continue virtually. We also have a Friendship Bracelet Club, recently founded to celebrate the joys of bracelet-making with friends. No experience is needed for this club, just some patience and a desire to chat with friends. However, if chatting with friends simply is not enough, maybe making money with friends seems like a good alternative. Investment Club is just that, a meeting to invest money in stocks and collectively decide where to invest. 

Ultimately, with 90 different clubs to choose from, there is no shortage of options. Nevertheless, the former has been a summary of the most unique clubs at CA, to shed light on some fun, lesser-known groups. But maybe these clubs just are not niche enough for you, and you are still searching for the perfect one. That is another unique aspect of CA clubs, you can always create your own! And if all else fails, of course, you can always join the Centipede.