On August 17, following calls for increased transparency by some members of the community, Concord Academy announced its decision to create a Safe Return to CA Advisory Committee (SRCA). As stated in the SRCA’s charter, “The Advisory Committee will bring together representatives from the broader CA community — faculty, staff, parents, students, and trustees — with the goal of working together in a spirit of common trust to inform and advise school leadership and the Board of Trustees in connection with matters relating to the safe return of students to CA.”

Within the larger framework of the SRCA, four subcommittees have been created to focus on Health, Campus Safety, Community & Equity, and Boarders. Each subcommittee is chaired by a trustee, and will report their findings to the full SRCA at weekly meetings. The SRCA, in turn, provides weekly updates to the broader CA community through email and newsletter communications. In an effort to include all voices in the conversation around students’ return to CA, the SRCA has invited members of the CA community to share their questions and suggestions, either anonymously or by reaching out to a member of the Advisory Committee.

Amidst the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic and the challenges posed by not being physically together on campus, the CA community continues to be guided by its shared mission of empathy, integrity, and responsibility. The SRCA, with its commitment to ensuring that all voices are heard, remains firmly grounded in this mission.