As leaves turn from green to a picturesque reddish-orange, one thing to keep in mind in October is Global Diversity Awareness Month. This is a national celebration that allows different cultures and customs to come together. We live in a multicultural society, and embracing the values of various cultures encourages essential coexistence. Celebrating Global Diversity gives us, citizens of the world, new insight, and allows us to gain knowledge by accepting different world perspectives. As a result, we become more adaptable, adjusted, and accepting citizens. 

The word diversity refers to many different factors, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, and socio-economic status, among other things. This world is becoming far more connected and globalized, and with people using technology, celebrating all factors of global diversity is more critical than ever. Before you can openly celebrate other people’s identities, however, you should have a strong grasp of your own.

Another benefit of embracing new cultures is heightened social development. Celebrating global diversity makes us better and more well-rounded individuals. We learn to foster neighborly and widespread communal acceptance instead of making the mistake of stereotyping. In addition, simply interacting with people from various groups widens your social circle by expanding the pool of people with whom you form relationships. 

Concord Academy has such a diverse student body with students of all races, backgrounds, religions; we’ve learned and continue to learn to welcome all individuals, forming close-knit communal bonds. Our school’s many affinity groups help display our school’s great diversity. In addition to numerous affinity groups on campus, there are also many diversity events and cultural celebrations, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Diwali. Diwali is a Hindu celebration known as the festival of lights. 

By accepting many diverse individuals, CA students feel more at home. Even by starting small and asking questions in class, you can gain knowledge about other cultures and develop a more worldly perspective. 

One can celebrate this month in many different ways. Here are some ideas: use technology to connect with other people around the world, try new foods, attend cultural art exhibits or multicultural film festivals, listen to new genres of music, or try a new traditional dance. These allow people to gain knowledge and new perspectives on life.

Lastly, participating in Global Diversity Awareness Month allows us to create an all-inclusive environment. By embracing our similarities as well as our differences, and encouraging our friends and families to do the same, we will make this world a better place. Let’s recognize this time in October to respect and acknowledge the presence of all diverse groups of people and our many socio-cultural differences.