In true chameleon fashion, CA has found yet another way to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic. The past few Saturdays, local students have been given the opportunity to participate in on-campus activities. These events, dubbed “Student Life Saturdays,” have consisted of a Quad Day, Adventure Day, and a Grit ‘N Wit Obstacle Course. These gatherings have been exceptionally well received because of the large turnouts and the students’ ability to social distance while socializing with classmates and friends from all different grade levels.

Quad Day was packed with activities. Students could be seen playing games, eating popsicles, and chatting in groups. Lawn games included cornhole, giant Jenga, ladder ball, and KanJam. Student leaders were there to greet and socialize with the underclassmen and ensure that everyone felt the warm welcome from the CA community. Many students noted that they wished borders could attend and recognize the integral part they play in the school community. Discussions about these topics were brought up when the students talked in small groups about anything ranging from their favorite class to the best pizza place in Concord (Sorrentos!). 

Liam O’Brien ‘23 remarked on his Quad Day experience, “I found that the quad day was an incredibly fun experience! I loved how I got to see friends that I haven’t seen in person since March.” This particular event hosted underclassmen earlier in the day and upperclassmen later in the day to maintain proper safety precautions. 

The Grit ‘N Wit Obstacle Course was a hit among students. Teams of three to five students speeded through this challenging course. There was a combination of physical and mental challenges to test the capability of each team. There were several puzzles, memory challenges, and activities that required each group to work and think as one. Students were sprinting through the quad and fields, climbing up and down large ladders, and ducking under, going over, and climbing through objects. Teams were spotted solving challenging slide puzzles and going through monkey bars. This is the course where the brain did meet brawn. The fastest team was able to complete the course with an impressive time of just under 25 minutes, and all were rewarded with cool popsicles after.  

“Grit N’ Wit was a fantastic team-building exercise. Everyone on my team had a great time, and it was just a wonderful experience!” Natalie Samulka ‘24 comments. 

Adventure Day consisted of a variety of exciting activities ranging from kayaking and canoeing to walking and hiking. CA adults and students alike had the opportunity to explore the historic beauty and serene setting of Concord and enjoy the nice weather as fall soon approaches. 

Participating in these activities has been a perfect opportunity for local students to get more active in the community and make some new friends. These events have been a very positive experience, and the success of them has allowed CA to take the first steps towards reopening campus. We can expect more Student Life Saturday gatherings in the weeks to come and hope for more beautiful weather and great memories as we adapt to this new environment of interaction.