2020 is a year of change. From a piece of cloth on everyone’s face to the shut doors of theatres and malls, everything is rendered anew. As classes start in-person in the second term of Short Terms at Concord (STAC), the community’s sense of connectedness is again ignited. Clubs are one of the main contributors to forming close bonds within the community in this novel, virtual environment. DEMONs (Dreamers, Engineers, Mechanics, and Overt Nerds) is one example of how clubs and the community adapt to the new situation. 

“We are adapting into a virtual environment while keeping the spirit of the club alive,” said Adam Winograd ’21, a cohead of DEMONs. He added, “We are planning to send little maker-kits to the members and host an at-home maker party. We are also planning to focus more on digital projects this year due to the situation.” The club is planning on teaching coding languages such as Python and Javascript. These coding languages facilitate easier and more equitable engagement. 

Moreover, the club instructs members on ways to model for the 3D printer and other more difficult instruments. Adam explained, “One of the important traditions of DEMONs is the passing down of skills. [So] the coheads usually go to the Labs (Makers’ Space) to showcase the tools and demonstrate to the new members through Zoom.” The club has various fantastic tools available for students to explore and experiment with, including laser cutters, a plasma gantry, a 3D printer, and a vinyl cutter. Through these training activities, the newly joined “Demons” would become familiar with the mechanics necessary for starting their own projects. 

Other than instructing technical skills, the coheads strive for passing down the creative spirit of the club, no matter where the creativity comes from. Adam shared, “I am not a STEM guy, and I am interested in music and art. Nevertheless, I could still implement and integrate my passion into the projects.” Adam was a part of the music stairs project which combined computer science and engineering with music theory. He was also a passionate maker of his own musical instruments. Just as he demonstrated: “No matter what your interests are, there is always a space for you at DEMONs.”