As some students and faculty members return to campus, many people are wondering what is going to happen with clubs and affinity groups. One such club is the Chameleon, Concord Academy’s literary magazine. It’s responsible for publishing and writing stories about everything from poetry to paintings. Today I interviewed Kincaid DeBell, one of the Chameleon co-heads, about how the club will proceed this year.

Natalie: What are you planning to do for meetings?

Kincaid: During meetings we mostly assign articles, talk about new ideas, give information about publishing, etc.

N: How has Covid-19 affected the Chameleon?

K: This spring we weren’t able to get out a full magazine like we usually do because that usually happens in person. Obviously, that wasn’t happening so I actually created a website for it. We didn’t have a website previously but now and even after Covid-19 we’re thinking that we want to use the website more frequently. So I think being more online will get us more accessible to the whole community instead of just being a magazine. We’re going to have more frequent updates and reach out to the community more, so I think that’s going to be really productive in the future. 

N: Are there any specific issues that you had or anything that you have worked on or ironed out?

K: Well, the website was tricky to make because I wasn’t totally sure how to use all that, I didn’t know how to really build a website, but we figured it out and it’s looking much better.

N: What can people be excited about? 

K: People can expect more Chameleon meetings and more updates from the chameleon. We’re also going to share artwork from our community as well as recommend artists from your community and Global artists. They can expect more contact and more art and hopefully more merchandise. 

N: Is there anything else that you want to talk about?

K: Nothing, in particular, just encouraging people to join The Chameleon. It’s a very fun thing and we have so many ideas and plans that are just starting. We have a lot of just really interesting ideas in mind, like a game of telephone with poetry and writing which could be fun. We are also looking forward to having more ways to share with the community. We also want to start getting some music on the website or performances because we’ve just been doing writing and visual art so far. We wanted to showcase the Performance Arts too, especially now that we have the website. So, people can expect some fun things in the future!

Well, now you know! Based on this interview, I’d say that you should definitely be eager for the new edition of the Chameleon. There are various exciting additions to their magazine, such as more articles on the visual arts and their new website. All in all, even during this difficult time, the Chameleon has many fun events coming up, and I am personally very excited to read the new edition.