With the holiday season just around the corner, families are looking for ways to celebrate during the pandemic. While it is clear that the holidays this year will not be the same as they previously were, we can still make an effort to connect with family and share the holiday spirit.

Zeno Marquis ’21 shares that while he will not be having Thanksgiving dinner with his extended family, he will still be visiting his grandparents, aunt, and uncle in a socially distanced manner. “[Thanksgiving] is definitely going to be different. It’s not going to be the same environment, and it might even be outside. But I think the spirit is still going to be there.” Some of the things he looks forward to most is cooking, especially the turkey and cranberry sauce. Zeno’s family was originally planning on doing a Zoom Thanksgiving dinner with relatives, but they decided that it would not be the same. Zeno plans on connecting with extended family another time during the holiday break. “Despite all the things happening around us, there’s still an opportunity for families to get together,” Zeno says.

Gabby Ruberto ’21 shares that her family does not normally do big Thanksgiving events, but that her sister, Chiara Ruberto ’20 will be home from college, so she will get to see her.

Alex B. Lee ’21 will be spending the holiday with his immediate family. “Normally we would see relatives in New York, but this year it will most likely be my parents, my sisters, and me. While it’ll definitely be different, it’ll be relaxing to spend the time at home and get a break.” He is also looking forward to the possibility of snow in Concord in the upcoming weeks.

My family is planning on doing a much smaller version of Thanksgiving. We normally have a larger group, but this year it will just be me, my parents, and my grandmother. While it is definitely sad that we will not be able to see everyone for the holiday, I am sure we will have plenty of Zoom calls to make up for it. 

While this Thanksgiving will be different than any Thanksgiving that came before it, CA students have demonstrated that it is still possible to find optimism in times like these.