This October, Concord Academy Fashion Enthusiasts (CAFE) released their inaugural publication, Hue. The online fashion magazine is devoted to trend analysis, sustainability, and the multidimensionality of fashion. CAFE focuses on bringing sustainable and ethical practices to fashion, informing consumers about trends, and providing a view of fashion that reflects the world it represents. Hue is the platform for discussion of the topics that come up in CAFE meetings. 

In the October issue, Hue focuses on two editorials. “Off the Sidelines,” assembled by Carter Wood ’22, examines tennis wear as an influence for street style fashion and how tennis fashion has infiltrated the mainstream. Tennis athleisure, recently popularized on TikTok, is reflected in the clothing worn by teenagers on streets, in classrooms, and on social media. Shot on tennis courts in Concord and modeled by Finn Gormley ’22 and Quinn Harnden ’22, the series of photographs included in “Off the Sidelines” aims to depict the ways in which the trends of the 90s have been recycled and refined 30 years later. Its sunny theme, light colors, and relaxed vibes convey a sense of casualness. 

In addition to “Off the Sidelines”, “Autumn in Woodstock” was another editorial in the October Issue. Influenced by 70s’ eclectic aesthetics, jewel tones and bright colors, “Autumn in Woodstock” explores fall in New England from a new perspective. Carter described that this editorial pulled together “colors and textures from Concord landscapes with a 70s aesthetic.” Combining the trends of the 70s with the influence of 2020,  it explores “layering and ring prints.” Modelled by Néva Gonzalez ‘23, Madison McCaslin ‘23, and Maisie Brigham ‘21 and shot by Kendall Bartell ‘21, this student collaboration highlights the resurgence of dominant fashion influences of the 70s’teen culture. 

Madison’s article on sustainability of fashion also highlights an important turning point in the fashion industry. As she pointed out, contemporary consumers are becoming more responsible for their buying decisions, and trends have started to encourage reusing and thrifting.

CAFE looks forward to continuing exploring fashion while focusing on representation in the fashion industry and in Hue. In Hue’s November issue, which will come out in early December, CA can expect to see editorials influenced by Euphoria, a popular Netflix show highlighting gender themes in fashion.