In any normal year, one would expect the chapel to be filled each morning with students listening to members of the senior class sharing their experiences and wisdom obtained over their past three years at Concord Academy. But as we all know, 2020 has been anything but normal.

For the first STAC of the school year, students remained in their classes online and attended chapel talks virtually. A flashpoint for the senior class, few chose chapel dates in September in hope of returning to campus at some point to deliver their parting speech. In the beginning of STAC 2, seniors got just that chance. 

After a long hiatus of chapel talks delivered solely on zoom, seniors were invited to watch their peers deliver their talks, either projected or live with a mask on, once again within the confines of the chapel. A contentious issue for much of the beginning of the year, the class of 2021 was relieved to hear the change in policy for the in-person portion of the 2nd STAC.

Chapels will continue to be delivered in-person for the remainder of the in-person portion of the semester, but they will revert back to the fully virtual experience of last spring when students return home for the remainder of the semester in STAC 3. While this is a disappointment to some, the reopening of the chapel is a step forward towards the eventual goal of chapel talks delivered as they always have been for over 60 years.