Spirit Week is an important and unifying tradition at Concord Academy. Normally occurring twice a year, the week gives the community the opportunity to demonstrate its school spirit and bring everyone together. However, with a portion of students being virtual and new COVID restrictions, this major school event had to be reinvented so that everyone could enjoy it.

As mentioned before, Spirit Week occurs twice a year, one for both the winter and spring sports seasons. They are meant to elevate school spirit right before the two major sports competitions that several teams participate in. However, because the fall sports season was cancelled, Zahaan Khalid ’21 and Eric Liu ’21 had to find a way to modify Spirit Week. According to Zahaan, they “had a solid but disorganized plan.” Because this Spirit Week is different from any previous one, they expected some hiccups. However, they felt that for its first time, it went smoothly.

Zahaan also used this opportunity to keep expanding on the new point system that was implemented at the beginning of the year. This new point system was created to expand Red & Blue Day from a single day event to a year-long one. “It was necessary to do this [expand it] especially with COVID,” he shared, especially because Council is trying to find various ways to keep the school’s spirit alive. 

For Spirit Week, each class had to dress up a certain way and then post a picture to the spreadsheet to gain those points. The various themes for Spirit Week were as follows: Halloween (Monday), Tourist (Tuesday), Twins (Thursday), and CA Spirit (Friday). More events are sure to follow to keep students involved and to maintain school spirit. Hopefully, this will all lead up to Red & Blue Day. Nevertheless, the school had a strong showing for Spirit week indicating that, even through tough times, the school spirit remains as strong and resilient as ever.