2020 was a very difficult year for everyone, so it was no surprise that the holiday season proved uplifting for many people. However, as we all turn the page to the new year, it can be difficult to stay positive and find motivation, especially when the end of the COVID-19 pandemic still seems far away given the increased lockdowns and vaccine distribution challenges.  But, there are still ways to find joy and happiness in 2021, even as we continue to quarantine and social distance. 

One of the easiest ways to find satisfaction in daily life is to find a hobby. Take joy in the little things! Maybe that will be a weekly club meeting, playing board games, reading a book, baking, art, or running. Small, day-in-day-out activities can bring light to your day, and help you feel better about any pressure or stress you are experiencing. 

Something that will help you stay joyful and optimistic in this new year is forming a routine or creating a schedule. Having more structured activities throughout the day will lead to less boredom and unhappiness. It might be constructive to plan out your day in google calendar, a bullet journal, an agenda, or an old-fashioned piece of printer paper. Adding things to your schedule like cleaning your room, Facetime friends, doing a creative project, or going on a walk will help you feel less overwhelmed and more prepared for your day. Being productive and reasonable with your time is a great way to find happiness. 

One of the hardest but most important things to do right now is to stay connected and not lose touch with friends and family. It’s important to shoot a friendly “hello” text to your cousin or Zoom with your friends. It is easy to become fulfilled when talking to someone that brings you joy and makes your day better. 

Having a healthy sleep schedule and exercise routine will help keep you happy and positive as well. Health is key during this time, and it is important to maintain your physical health throughout this pandemic. Waking up and going to sleep at a reasonable time will help you feel more refreshed and ready for the day. Though easier said than done, it is crucial to develop good sleep habits. Additionally, exercising regularly is just as important. Moving every day will get your blood flowing, and get your mind active and ready for the rest of the day. 

Giving back to your community also brings many people a deep feeling of satisfaction and joy. Volunteering and donating can have a huge impact on both yourself and the people around you. Creating a positive influence will help you feel better about yourself, and allow you to feel more connected and fulfilled about your day. 

Focusing on self-improvement during this time will allow you to become the best version of yourself! Having fun, being productive, and staying focused will make you happier. Take part in different, new activities every day that make you feel better. Don’t be afraid to experiment and break loose. Binge-watching movies, listening to music, trying on different skincare products, and playing some video games are great ways to have fun and have a relaxing moment for yourself. 

2020 was not the best year, but 2021 is a new beginning and something to be hopeful for. Finding happiness in the smallest things will bring you the greatest fulfillment. Hopefully, some of these suggestions will help you find a bit more happiness and joy in your life, and though the holiday season is over, there is much more to look forward to in 2021.