In previous years at Concord Academy, there would be countless performing arts productions, ranging from music performances in the chapel, mainstage productions in the PAC, to Dance Project shows in the dance studio. However, it would be impossible for CA to hold in-person stages this year due to the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19. Nowadays, performing art exhibits are seen through Zoom screens and live broadcasts.

CA’s Performing Arts Department has adapted well to these changes. Online platforms are used to showcase performances. As a result, video editors became heavily involved in the process. They are taking on the role of assembling dance videos, lining up audios, and making sure that shows run as smoothly as possible. 

Holiday Concert, one of the main musical performances this semester, was just held on December 18th. The participants included Chorus, CA Singers, Chameleon Chamber Players, CA’s Chamber Players, Advanced Jazz Ensemble and Vocal Jazz and Pop Ensemble. In assembling the performances, each person was responsible for sending in a recorded version of their part, which was lined up to a particular speed previously informed by the music faculty. Each player or singer’s speed was a crucial part of the assignment, as the tempo had to be in sync for editors to assemble the video as best as possible. 

Eliza Morton ’22, who was involved in editing the performances of CA singers and Cabaret, said: “Working with the audios to make sure all the levels are the same is super essential so that everything sounds smooth.” Even though lining up music may sound like an easy job, it is much harder than it seems. For example, Eliza said one of the performances she worked on “ involved putting together over 30 videos,” which “took a lot of time and organization.”With ranging sound qualities, volume, and speed, it is up to the editors to assemble every element in an orderly fashion, making it a very time consuming process.  

While COVID-19 has imposed many challenges and restrictions on the performing arts community, shows at CA are still running online, with students and faculty being adaptable with all the changes.