With the arrival of 2021, four CA upperclassmen share their new year wishes with the community. What do they have on their minds and what are they looking forward to? 

“My biggest hope for 2021 is that everything would be back to normal. I wish that the virus would be eradicated, which will take a long time and might be impossible even if we have the vaccines. But I do recognize that things would never be the same, because what happened has already happened, and the pandemic has perpetual effects on different groups of people, so I just hope that things will get better, even though we had a harsh 2020. Personally, I hope that I can get accepted into some research programs I applied for. I hope I will read more books, be happy everyday, everyone is safe and healthy, especially my friends and family, and that I would have time to learn more things, whether it be academic or life skills in general.”

Lisa Liu ’22

“My biggest hope for 2021 is to be with people. This has been hard in the past couple months as I feel disconnected with people, thus I really wish I could rekindle some friendships, meet some new people, while staying within COVID guidelines of course. I also hope to stay healthy, happy, and just do things I want to be doing. As a senior, 2020 had been a busy year because of both college applications and school work. I had just been doing work, going to sleep, on and on, while not having a lot of time for myself. Therefore, I wish to have more time for myself, to find silver linings and happy parts of all that is happening.”

Piper Gordon ’21

“I’m hoping that, compared to 2020, 2021 would be less restrictive, and that cases will go down. Maybe by the time it’s warmer, we could hopefully go outside and have some moderate size gatherings and not be a safety hazard.”

Yewon Kang ’22

“My hope for 2021 is, firstly, to be vaccinated. Hopefully after a safe vaccine is developed, everything would be back to normal. Personally, I want to finally finish my driving license; it takes a long time to get one in Australia and I’m barely there! Getting out of high school is exciting, and a little bit scary, and hopefully I would get into a college that I like. There are also some personal skills I’d like to work on: guitar, bass, drawing, Greek, reach some level of mastery over Japanese, and learn another different language. Last but not least, I hope the United States can get rid of the virus, and that we have a more harmonious environment. I wish me, my family, and my friends could remain in a healthy and functioning state in which our bodies maintain their livelihood, and not to be smitten by the power of Nature.”

Roger Ge ’21

As our friends have put it, we hope that 2021 will be peaceful and rewarding, and that CA community members can reunite with each other. 

Photo courtesy of Google Images