On Tuesday, February 3rd, all CA students were gifted with a snow day due to extreme snowfall in Concord and surrounding areas. Although some were confused as to why there was a snow day when we have been learning virtually for almost a year, others were glad that the sentiment and spirit of the snow day stayed alive. Sammy Albright ’21 said it best: “There is just something so special about a snow day. Getting those extra hours of sleep, waking up, and seeing a white wonderland on the other side of the window. I’m glad that CA decided to stick with the snow day spirit, as I am sure many other students like myself enjoyed themselves that day.” 

Sammy said that he took this snow day as an opportunity to enjoy the world around him. He took pleasure in exploring Cambridge with other friends right after the snowfall, all the while engaging in various snowball fights and games: “At one point, we were throwing snowballs into the slightly iced-over Charles River. Every time the snowball landed, it would make a satisfying hole in the ice, and we would all try to see who could throw a snowball the farthest.”

The magic of this snow day wasn’t only enjoyed by the day students who had the liberty of exploring their surrounding areas. I had the opportunity to go into school for a chapel recording on Wednesday, one day after the snow day, and it was clear from the aftermath of intense snowball fights and scattered snowmen that the borders had an eventful day as well. 

I talked to Jolyon Breckon ’21 – a senior boarder – about this snow day to see if boarders also enjoyed their day off. He said, “It was a really amazing day. Even though the snow was slightly less than everyone expected, it still made for amazing snowball snow. As soon as everyone was allowed to, we all went outside to enjoy the day. I even had the liberty of getting pegged with snowballs the day afterward at my chapel recording!” 

When I talked to my parents about this snow day, they were a bit confused. As my dad put it, “Why would you have a snow day if you could just do school through zoom?” Yes, we could have had a virtual school instead of a snow day on Tuesday, but I believe that CA should uphold the integrity of a snow day so all students of the future can enjoy and share the same experiences that we all had the pleasure of experiencing. We all know the feeling of waking up to no school and warm hot chocolate, and with virtual school threatening the very existence of a snow day, we must uphold this special experience; even if they are impractical, they are important to both the mental health and enjoyment of all students in all schools, and I hope that for the years to come, the magic of a snow day stays alive.