In-Person and Virtual social events are one of the many ways Concord Academy students have been able to stay connected with the community amidst the pandemic. Every week, students receive an email titled “Wait…. what’s going on this weekend?” where they find information and details about upcoming events. Activities such as virtual bingo, trivia, Among Us, and sports-viewing parties are popular for students who are located both nearby and abroad. The times for all the virtual events are scheduled equitably so that everyone, from all around the world, can attend. Most virtual events are held later in the day, around 8 pm, as to not interfere with any other scheduled activities, while also providing international students an opportunity to attend. On-campus winter socials, orientations, and adventure days are well-liked among students who are at CA for the in-person experience and are usually hosted Saturday afternoons.

Students have found these events as a good opportunity to enable connection, communication, and community. The activities are also very fun! Anja Westra ’24 remarked on her on-campus experience: “My favorite in-person event so far has been the winter social because I was able to meet a bunch of people in an unstructured environment rather than just doing ice breakers which can sometimes be awkward.” 

Lynn Lewis ’24 reflected, “The outdoor movie night was my favorite in-person event so far because that was the first time I got to spend time with other people in my grade outside of class.” Natalie Samulka ’24 shared, “I have really enjoyed all of the social events happening around CA as they provide a way to talk to other students and teach me the ins and outs of our school.” Freshmen, in particular, value the in-person interaction as it allows more opportunities for them to form friendships, and learn more about each other and the school. 

Virtual events have also been extremely helpful in fostering community at CA, especially when some students are unable to come to campus. These events are not only educational, but also very enjoyable. Ben Bartlett ’24 said, “The best virtual event I have gone to was the video game night because I was able to meet a bunch of different people who have the same interests as me.” Maureen Coffey ’24 explained, “The virtual escape room was my favorite virtual event because I was able to meet new people and collaborate with them while having a fun time.”

Virtual events offer an exciting social environment, where people of all grade levels can be present and can enjoy a fun evening playing games, doing challenges, or participating in competitive matches of bingo or trivia. Virtual events have provided a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get to know more about CA and its students. From Frosh to Seniors, everyone seems to enjoy these social events, both virtual and in-person, so make sure to check them out!