Last Wednesday, the Concord Academy community welcomed Mallika Chopra to share her experience with meditation, intention and balance and the career she created for herself out of this passion. Chopra, a CA graduate of the Class of 1989 grew up in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and is now an author and educator. 

Prior to her current work, she collaborated with MTV on a project to launch the video broadcasting service in India. While working in India, she had an epiphany and questioned the real purpose of her life and career, ultimately finding that it could not be in promoting MTV to every corner of the earth. She realized that her purpose lay elsewhere and shortly after that redirected her life and career to focus on advocating for meditation and the benefits of alternative medicinal practices. 

Today, she is the founder of Intent and MyPotential and co-founder of the YouTube channel, The Chopra Well with you brother Gotham Chopra and father Deepak Chopra. She has made her career as a speaker, author, and educator sharing the value, experiences and benefits of meditation, intentional living and emotional understanding for people of all ages. She is also the author of four books, three of which focus on children in the Just Be Trilogy. They are a series of illustrated books for young children that explore mindfulness, self-reflection and meditation in a way that is digestible for young people and applicable to their lives. 

As a teacher of meditation, she has taught thousands of people of all ages how to meditate and strives to share the personal health benefits of living a life of purpose with thoughtful intention. Her writings and teachings have garnered national attention and appeared in Time, Women’s Health, Self Magazine, Glamour, the LA Times, the Huffington Post, CNN and Good Morning America among others. Chopra is a dedicated entrepreneur, a passionate teacher and a talented author who has made a career out of her lifestyle and has been embraced as mainstream culture slowly begins to learn and accept the theory of mind-body connection healing and holistic living.