Students at Concord Academy have been granted the privilege of an extended campus, beyond the confines for a regular schoolyard. Concord center offers a variety of shops in which students can peruse antiques, shop for groceries, or grab a quick bite to eat when covid restrictions allow. Haute Coffee is one of the hidden gems in Concord, located on 12 Walden Street. The shop was founded by Kim and Rob Scott, who moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Concord in the hopes of creating their very own small business. The couple had previously held jobs in party planning and production management, which allowed them to secure a strong foothold in their industry. In late 2013, they opened the shop we now know as Haute Coffee. The couple prioritized good coffee and fair treatment of their employees. The store proudly serves Counter Coffee Culture coffee, a brand that offers quality and sustainable coffee.

During the pandemic, Haute Coffee has donated baked goods and coffees to health care workers at Emerson Hospital, to show support and appreciation for their hard work. Due to the rise of the Black Lives Matter movements through the summer, Haute donated money to Color of Change, ACLU mass, and The Innocence Project. To raise money for the organizations, they donated a sum equal to the tips of their employees on set dates in the summer. The shop encouraged speaking up and using one’s privilege in order to contribute to anti-racist movements across the nation. 

 Haute Coffee has had numerous debuts in quite a few magazines including, but not limited to, the New York Post, Eater Boston, and Food Network. The small-town coffee shop gained notoriety after Olivia Wilde and Jason Sedeikis frequented the establishment during the production of Tumbleweeds Contrary to its name, Haute Coffee provides much more than just coffee. The shop offers both lunch and breakfast options that are friendly towards a variety of dietary needs. You will find many Yelp reviews commend Haute on their staff politeness, charming location and phenomenal food, as well as many CA students in the coffee shop after school or during free periods. 

However, due to the pandemic, the store’s timing has had to be changed around, and it now closes much earlier than in previous years. Monday through Fridays the store is open 7 am to 3 pm. On weekends, Haute is open 8 am to 3 pm. Haute has made clear its opinions on the severity of the pandemic with the quote “No mask no service” written on the bio of their Instagram account.