This winter, we have been treated to what seems to be an unusual amount of snow. In fact, it has snowed in Concord every week since January 21st. As a result of this, the snow has quickly accumulated to towering heights once shoveled. 

On average, we usually get 43.8 inches (“Climate in Massachusetts”) of snow a year in Concord. However, this year we have gotten approximately 32.8 inches (“Snow Totals,”, and with the typically snowy month of March approaching, we might get even more. 

For many, the snow has been a nice addition to the winter months. We have an ice rink on campus, which has been enjoyed by many students. There have also been several snowman-building contests, and some have taken up snow-shoeing or are simply enjoying wintery walks through downtown. This all goes to show that while some may be bored with the weather, others are taking full advantage of everything the snow has to offer.

Yet, while some of us are welcoming the constant winter wonderland, others are not as happy. The snow complicates the commute to school for many day students, making them have to get up earlier to allow for delays. The colder temperatures also mean that socializing outside, which is something that has become necessary in the time of COVID-19 and social distancing, is less enjoyable. 

Although the snow may have been delightful at first, at this point, it is getting a little tedious. Personally, I enjoyed the snow at first but now that it has piled up it just is not as nice. Many of us are rather sick of it, as we always are by mid-February, but our annoyance is amplified by the monotony of everyday life during the pandemic. 

Despite the growing normality of seeing snow outside your window, it is important to remember that few things beat waking up in the morning to see a fresh, untouched snowfall outside. While we may be getting sick of the winter weather, we can definitely still learn to enjoy it. 

Photo courtesy of Sonny Tang ’22 | Photo Editor at The Centipede